AT&T Tethering Plan To Be Just $10 Per Month?

More details about a data tethering plan for the iPhone 3G in the US have been uncovered. MacBlogz says they were contacted by associates at AT&T with more information about the plan. They say AT&T is currently considering a $10/month price for the plan, significantly less than ones for other handsets on the network.

That’s one third of the $30/month previously reported. When asked about the price change, they gave this response:

“iPhone tethering is primarily an AT&T offering, but it involves Apple at least wanting or allowing the service, which they do. If it doesn’t function as expected, I know of a few people who may lose their jobs,” my colleague explained. “While you may think it’s as easy as streamlining our Blackberry tethering service over to the iPhone, it’s not. Connection may be tied into iTunes, and Apple is incredibly controlling when it comes to this space.”

There’s still no word about when it will be available, but supposedly there is more and more talk about it within AT&T, so it might be on the way soon. Keep in mind that none of this is confirmed, of course, so it’s still just a rumor.

[via MacBlogz]

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