AT&T Slowly Enabling MMS For Some iPhone Owners?

Several iPhone developers using the iPhone 3.1 beta have reported that MMS is beginning to work on AT&T. We reported earlier when 3.1 was seeded that it enabled the MMS option, although the required support from AT&T was still disabled. One developer in Little Rock, AR reports that sending and receiving photos has been working since July 9th. Another reported on the 17th that MMS worked in several major cities during a road trip. MMS still seems to be disabled for most users so it’s likely that AT&T is enabling it on a phone-by-phone basis.

Additionally, a reader has sent in a screenshot showing that their personal iPhone SMS plan was set to expire on the 17th. It’s possible that this was the point when AT&T switched his account over to MMS, although he doesn’t have the ability to test on 3.1.

At this point if any of you have 3.1, try sending an MMS from your iPhone. If it works, let us know in the comments!

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