AT&T Servers Overloaded and Other iPhone Pre-ordering Problems

It would appear there are a lot of people trying to pre-order the iPhone 4, as many users are getting “Your request couldn’t be processed” errors. At first, I thought it could be that too many people are trying to simultaneously order the new MacMini, but I don’t think that is the problem. While all of the order processing looks to be on Apple’s website, we’ve found the errors seem to be generated by AT&T’s servers. In order for Apple to proceed, their servers connect with AT&T’s servers, and a quick check on AT&T’s end of things reveals the problem.

Another disappointing revelation, for some, is that for some unknown reason only the black iPhone is available to pre-order. I’m not a fan of the white model, but I know some people have been looking forward to an all-white iPhone for some time. So for those customers, that is truly sad news.

Let us know if you’ve had any success pre-ordering.

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