AT&T Seeking To Block Verizon From Showing 3G-less Areas As “Blank” In Ads

AT&T is up in arms over Verizon’s latest jab at the iPhone-AT&T duo, a TV ad called “There’s A Map For That.” The ad directly parodies Apple’s series of “There’s an App For That” ads that features different apps in the App Store. Unfortunately for AT&T, their argument basically amounts to the notion that Verizon’s ad might confuse stupid people who aren’t paying attention.

In another bang-head-on-desk moment, AT&T is arguing that by showing blank space on AT&T’s map of 3G coverage, some people might mistake it as meaning that those are the only locations where they will get any cell service, and are therefore requesting an injunction against Verizon from depicting non-3G areas on the AT&T 3G coverage map as “blank”.

Yes… really.

I know this might be obvious to you and I, but keep in mind that AT&T’s executives wear those tight ties around their necks, and it tends to inhibit the flow of oxygen to the brain (disclaimer: not necessarily based in fact).

The fact is that the strong point for the AT&T-iPhone duo is the iPhone. Most of the surface area in the United States is not covered by AT&T’s 3G network. Most of it is covered by Verizon. Not to mention that Verizon’s ad is blatantly about 3G coverage specifically, and even has the map accurately labeled as such.

AT&T is going to need something better if they want to push back at Verizon on this one.

[via Engadget]

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