AT&T Offers iPhone Insurance, More Expensive Than Competitors

Unlike all the other phones offered by AT&T, iPhone buyers never had the option to pick up AT&T’s hardware insurance plan. Earlier this week, AT&T decided they will finally extend the insurance to iPhone buyers, but it’s a hefty $14 per month. In addition, AT&T’s insurance plan includes a whopping $199 deductible (for the iPhone 3GS, 32GB). SquareTrade offers a cheaper plan at only $9.99, though they have a rather complex set of rules and restrictions to go with it. Worth Ave Group also offers a plan, but for only $79 per year on the iPhone 3GS (which is under seven bucks a month if you don’t want to do the math yourself), and the deductible is one-fourth of AT&T’s insurance plan.

I recommend you pick up some insurance if you plan to keep the phone for any length of time, but it might not be a bad idea to shop around before jumping on the AT&T plan.

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