AT&T Launches Official MicroCell Web Site

The details are still sparse, but according to Mac Rumors, AT&T’s official 3G MicroCell web site is now up and running and users can get some quick video overviews as to what the finished product looks like.

The AT&T MicroCell, upon its release, will add an unlimited calling add-on feature and any calls that originate on the MicroCell before being handed off to AT&T’s older towers will be kept completely out of your minutes as long as you sign up for the unlimited package. The package will retail for $20 a month and works in an area of about 5,000 square feet. Also notable is that the carrier officially recommends placing the box near a window so that its GPS receiver can get reception.

Like wireless carriers Sprint and Verizon, the MicroCell includes GPS so that it can’t be used out of the country.

Final pricing and release dates have yet to be announced for the product, though Sprint’s AIRAVE retails for $99 and only supports 2G speeds while Verizon’s Network Extender sells for $249.99.

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