AT&T iPhone Tethering Plan Details Leaked

Apple rumor site MacBlogz is claiming to have details on the iPhone tethering plans that were announced by AT&T CEO Ralph De La Vega last week. Not surprisingly, the plans for the iPhone are in line with the data plans they offer for other 3G devices. The source, which they claim is from within the company, says it will be an additional $30/month for 5GB worth of tethering for iPhone users. Plans with the tethering option built in may debut in the future as well. More details after the break.

  • GB Data Cap (just like Blackberry users) – AT&T will automatically turn off your tethering connection if you use too much bandwidth. Of note, the 5GB cap might get sliced for all users, not just iPhone users, in order to accommodate all new tethering plan customers (bandwidth demand).
  • Initial connection through iTunes? (not sure if this is every time you connect, or just for initial setup)
  • Expected speeds: GPRS: 30k – dialup speeds / EDGE: 110k – ISDN speeds / 3G: 1000k – slow broadband.
  • You’ll want to disable auto-updates for everything, so as to not go over usage limitations.
  • Will be +$30/month, new iPhone plans may be rolled out with tethering rolled in.
  • Do not pro-rate tethering/bandwidth, it can become a nightmare, instead wait until new billing cycle.
  • For unlimited bandwidth, AT&T will tell you to get a wireless PC card.
  • No idea on a launch date.

[via MacBlogz]

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