AT&T Introduces Unlimited Calling To Five Favorite Numbers

On September 20th, AT&T rolled out a new feature called the “A-List,” which gives qualifying customers unlimited calling to five people of their choice in individual plans, and ten for those with FamilyTalk plans.

Individual plans of $59.99 or higher (excluding data) qualify for the A-List and may select up to five domestic phone numbers for unlimited anytime calling, including land lines and wireless numbers form any other carrier. FamilyTalk plans of $89.99 or higher qualify to select up to ten numbers that can be called by any user in the plan. If you’re a qualifying customer, A-List sign up is available at no additional cost at the A-List website, where you can add and edit the numbers on your list at any time.There’s currently no way to add the A-List to non-qualifying plans, but mobile-to-mobile minutes are still unlimited within the network.

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