AT&T Hints at iPhone 4S/5 Announcement on Monday

It seems like no coincidence that AT&T has been removing iPhone 4 from prime positions in its Wireless online store, trying to keep it away from a customer’s view, as early as days (though now we’re approaching hours) before WWDC. In past years, new iterations of the iPhone have been announced during a WWDC keynote, but rumors are pointing to a Fall introduction for the next iPhone.

Tons of smartphones are featured ahead of iPhone 4. In the list of 29 smartphones on AT&T’s site, a new iPhone 4 has been pushed down to 26 at the bottom. This list is not the only indication, as the iPhone 3GS is featured on the homepage rather than its newer, more expensive successor. In contrast to the early days following the device’s launch until even a few weeks prior, you would be hard-pressed to find the iPhone 4 promoted or distinctly-recommended anywhere on AT&T’s site.

AT&T has little to lose with the iPhone 3GS promotion since customers are drawn to it because of its low price-point iOS ownership rather than a desire for the newest, most capable device; the $50 price separates it from the newest models that sell subsidized for $200-$300

By taking iPhone 4 out of the spotlight, AT&T could simply be trying to save themselves the hassle of returns following the next iPhone’s announcement on Monday. If that announcement does not pan out, then it would be odd for AT&T to make its most popular phone (by far) difficult to find and not even in the top ten of featured choices – though of course, all of this only increases the likelihood of a next-generation iPhone being introduced at WWDC.

[via GottaBeMobile]