AT&T Has Spent Less on Network Upgrades Since The iPhone Launch

AT&T’s numbers are in and, with the exception of their last several quarters of profits, they’re not pretty. In the wake of executive Ralph de la Vega’s comments that AT&T might offer high-bandwidth users incentives to curb their data usage, reports have emerged that AT&T has spent less and less per quarter on network expansion and construction.

This flies in the face of the company’s quarterly profit reports, which have risen each quarter with data traffic now accounting for 80% more revenue from wireless data than the last quarter of 2007. In addition, the company has reported profits around $3 billion per quarter since the launch of the iPhone.

Gizmodo’s compiled a great infographic to illustrate what we know about AT&T’s numbers:

Take from this what you will, but America’s exclusive iPhone carrier might have some explaining to do.

[Via Gizmodo]

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