AT&T Exec Talks About iPhone’s Future, 3G Coverage Improvements And Femtocells

Along with confirming AT&T’s plans for iPhone tethering in the future at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco on Wednesday, AT&T’s Ralph de la Vega also shared his dream of what he thinks the iPhone could eventually grow up to be. When asked where he though the iPhone would be like in the future, he offered up a long list of pretty fantastic ideas.

According to his vision, the iPhone would start by loading the days RSS news feeds and sending a message to your coffee machine to start making coffee, after which it wakes you with the alarm clock you set. If, as you’re drinking your coffee, you decide you’d rather read the news on your TV, you simply wave the iPhone in it’s direction and the feeds show up there.

Leaving the house, you lock the door with the device and get in your car, which you use your phone to start. It continues to read your news to you as you make your way to work, where, once you arrive, it starts a conference call to include you and potential customers in Japan. Since they don’t speak English, your phone translates your words into Japanese as you talk, and vice versa.

Yes, it does sound pretty crazy, but keep in mind that this is AT&T talking, and they usually mean what they say. Granted, none of these features will probably show up in the next month or even year, but AT&T says they’re hard at work experimenting with new features, like their fiber optic IPTV service, U-Verse.

A few things he refused to comment on were if they planned to launch an Android phone, or what they will do when their exclusivity agreement expires in 2010. He did say that they are planning to use a piece of the 850 MHz spectrum to strengthen their signal in densely populated areas like New York where 3G coverage is spotty. They’re also looking into the use of femtocells to boost signals indoors.

[via Washington Post]

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