AT&T Denies Plans For Tiered Data Pricing, Again

AT&T has made a second attempt to back off the statement made by Ralph de la Vega that the company was considering employing “financial incentives” to discourage heavy data usage in some areas. Now Mr. de la Vega says we’ve misinterpreted his statement, and that it was blown greatly out of proportion by the media.

“There are things people say I said that I didn’t say. We have not made any decision to implement tiered pricing,” he said (he repeated the last part for emphasis).

“There were no follow-up questions, so I figured everyone understood what I was saying,” de la Vegas said. “I guess I should have been more clear.”

Instead, he says they plan on relying on alternatives to 3G like 3G microcells and free Wi-Fi hotspots to lighten the load on the network. “Now customers can go to McDonalds and stay online as long as they want,” says de la Vega.

[via Businessweek]

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