AT&T Considering Lower-Price Limited Data Plans For iPhone?

AT&T’s expensive “unlimited” data plan is one of the biggest reasons people decide not to get an iPhone, but they may be planning on doing something about it. BusinessWeek claims to have sources “with knowledge of the company’s thinking” who say AT&T is considering offering a limited data plan for the iPhone at a lower price than the current “unlimited” data plan to entice fence-sitters who aren’t willing to pay the $30 a month.

The plan would be offered at $10 less than the unlimited plan, and could be offered as soon as May.

It is believed that the cheaper plan could be a result of the ongoing negotiations between AT&T and Apple to extend their contract to have AT&T remain the sole carrier for the iPhone in the United States. “We understand it’s part of the extension [of its contract] that AT&T wants to maintain,” said Richard Doherty, director at consultant Envisioneering Group. It is possible that AT&T may be more willing to bend to Apple’s requests to maintain their exclusivity.

Additionally, Doherty notes that the cost of producing iPhones has decreased by nearly a third as the cost of producing touchscreens, the most expensive component, has greatly decreased.

[via Business Week]

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