AT&T Confirms iPhone Tethering In The Works

AT&T recently confirmed rumors that they would soon be offering a tethering program for the iPhone 3G. AT&T Mobility President/CEO Ralph De Al Vega commented at the Web 2.0 Summit earlier today that AT&T and Apple are working together to let the iPhone serve as a wireless modem for laptops.

Previous to today, leaks from within the company suggested that AT&T had been looking into the possibility of tethering, but that the company got cold feet due to concerns that the 3G network was already under too much strain, and that tethering would push it over the edge.

Now, however, it looks like they’ve overcome their fear. This is the first and most official of any announcement from either company on the subject that we’ve seen this far.

There have been a few iPhone apps that attempt to enable tethering the iPhone and iPhone 3G. NetShare, which was released to the App Store, was promptly removed as it’s use violated AT&T’s terms of service. iModem, and unofficial app, remains available to those willing to jailbreak their device.

While this is undoubtedly good news for those hoping for a tethering solution, one has to wonder what the increased strain might do to the already over-taxed and sluggish 3G network system.

[via Technologizer]

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