AT&T CEO Admits iPhone Won’t Be Theirs Forever

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson spoke about the company’s exclusivity arrangement with Apple for the iPhone, during which he acknowledged that they would not have exclusivity with the iPhone in the U.S. forever. He didn’t offer any details about a timeline, but did offer a teeny tiny bit of insight into the relationship between the two companies.

“There will be a day when you are not exclusive with the iPhone,” said Stephenson, speaking at Fortune’s Brainstorm: Tech conference.

He also commented on their relationship with Apple. “On balance, I think it works really, really well–maybe as well as any strategic partnership we have,” Stephenson said.

When asked by Fortune’s Stephanie Mehta if they were completely satisfied with their arrangement, Stephenson joked: “I don’t know if I could get my wife to say that about me, so I don’t think I could say that about a business partner.”

[via CNET]

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