AT&T Beefing Up Austin’s 3G Network Ahead Of SXSW

AT&T is going to extra lengths to make sure their network runs smoothly for iPhone-toting attendees to this year’s South by Southwest conference in Austin, Texas. The company has been working with SXSW organizers to make sure they’re ready for the legions of iPhone-clad show-goers.

One of the things they’re doing differently is deploying a Distributed Antenna System, which packs the punch of 50 antenna nodes. They also  beefed up cell sites, and rolled in three mobile temporary ones. Last but not least, they have upped their backhaul significantly. “Compared with last year, we have added fiber-optic connections to more than quadruple the backhaul capacity of each of the eight cell sites that serve the event area, and temporary sites will also be served by extensive backhaul.”

[via GigaOM]


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