AT&T and Verizon Sparring for the Spotlight

For the past few days and even weeks, AT&T and Verizon have both been releasing ads to criticize one another and show their network as the superior one. Only time will tell if this sparring will go beyond the CDMA iPhone release, Febrary 10th.

Yesterday Verizon launched an ad which showed how brilliant the idea of an iPhone plus their “most reliable network in America” is. The ad starts off showing different views of a partly lit iPhone 4 with an attempt to show off the beauty of the phone itself along with some narration which does the same. The key line after all the boasting of the iPhone is “But, does your network work?” – The star Verizon guy then picks up followed by “Yes, I can hear you now.” Then the ad is concluded by a coverage map and:

This is America’s largest and most reliable network. Verizon: built so you can rule the air.

Today, AT&T has evidently responded with an ad of their own which shows a man working late at the office when he receives a call from his wife who wishes him happy anniversary and wants to know if he has made a reservation for dinner. As he responds nervously, because he has forgotten to do so, he navigates to Safari and makes a reservation – all of this whilst talking to his wife. The ad concludes with the narrator:

Only AT&T’s network lets your iPhone talk and surf at the same time

This is obviously meant to put down Verizon’s network which does not let you talk and surf at the same time. You can see both ads below.

Verizon Ad


We’ll just see how many people switch to Verizon, and how many new customers are attracted by the new availablility of the CDMA iPhone.