AT&T Allows SlingPlayer To Run Over 3G Network

AT&T announced today that they will now be allowing SlingPlayer Mobile [App Store, $29.99], and application for streaming TV to your iPhone to watch wherever you are, to run over the 3G network. The app was disabled over the 3G network due to bandwidth concerns and how it would effect the overall quality of the network, but now they say the code has been “optimized” which most likely means the developers had to change it to fit their bandwidth guidelines.

AT&T says they have notified both Sling and Apple, so now the ball is in their court.

We don’t know why AT&T has decided to work with Sling to get the app working on their network. One possibility is that the FCC may have stepped in and asked them to treat Slingplayer the same way they would treat other high-bandwidth apps.

[via Electronista]


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