At Macworld: TileStack Allows Non-Programmers To Build iPhone Games, Other Apps [Video]

At Macworld 2009, CodeFlare introduced a new service called TileStack. The service has been described as a Hypercard clone and allows those without programming skills to create applications right on the web. Once you’ve created your game or application, it can then be compiled for the iPhone and placed on the App Store. CodeFlare takes a small cut of the profits, but otherwise it’s your app.

Any iPhone app written with TileStack requires their special engine to run. It translates the “speak” language which TileStack apps are written in into something the iPhone can understand. The result is a native iPhone application. The idea was so cool that we gave them an Editor’s Choice Award!

The service is completely free to try and they just launched at Macworld, so give it a try!

Video courtesy of Apple Gazette

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