At Macworld: Sling Media Coming To iPhone [Video]

One of the exhibitors on the show floor is Sling Media, showing off their new Sling Media player for the iPhone and iPod touch. The app will let users stream TV shows from their home to their iPhone or iPod touch in real time with the help of their SlingBox.

Users can do cool stuff like switch between channels being played by swiping vertically or tapping on the screen to bring up a comprehensive set of controls for controlling their SlingBox.

The app will work well over Wi-Fi or 3G, and work moderately well over EDGE, although they don’t suggest it. It uses dynamic compression to compress the video small enough that it can stream easily.

We’ve been expecting something from Sling Media since they posted that concept video in June. They hope to have the app ready in the App Store by the end of this quarter. They haven’t finalized the price yet, but they’re thinking in the $30 range.

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