At Macworld: Griffin Unveils PowerBrick Reserve, PowerJolt Reserve, Navigate

3 new toys from Griffin. The first two are the PowerBrick Reserve and PowerJolt Reserve. The PowerBrick Reserve is a standard wall charger for your iPhone that has a removable emergency battery magnetically held in place that can be removed and plugged into your iPhone when you’re out of juice and can’t find an outlet.

The PowerJolt Reserve is a car charger based on the same concept as the PowerBrick. It also has the reserve emergency battery, but that’s not the only thing that separates it from you standard car charger. While most of it’s kind are 2-watt, the PowerJolt Reserve charges at 5 watts, charging the device nearly twice as fast as a normal device.

The third, and possibly coolest gadget they showed us today was the Navigate. It’s a combination of FM radio receiver and external iPod app controller. When you’re not using it to listen to radio on your iPhone, you can use the onboard volume, skip track, or play/pause buttons to control the music on your iPhone. It also sports a cool little screen that shows you the title and artist for the song that’s playing.

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That’s pretty great on it’s own, but it will be even greater when they release the iPhone app they told us about that will use location information to find radio stations in your area and information about the songs they’re playing. It will serve as a sort of TV guide for your radio transmitter. It’s not out yet, but we’re looking forward to checking it out when it is.

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