At Macworld: Freeverse Announces SlotZ Racer, Let You Build And Race On Custom Tracks

The guys over at Freeverse are demoing two new racing games on the show floor this week. The first, SlotZ Racer, is a game themed after slot cars . The game comes with a track editor that makes use of the iPhone’s multitouch screen to let you insert, place and scale different pieces of race track and add obstacles. You can also chose if the track is in day or night, the color or variables for each car, and what size the cars are compared to real slot cars.

Once you’ve completed your track, you can play it by yourself against 4 AIs or four people can play at once with one control on each corner of the screen. There’s no steering involved in this racing app. Gameplay revolves around acceleration; go too fast and you’ll fly off the track. Go too slow and you’ll lose the race.

The price of the game and release date haven’t been announced by Freeverse at this time.

They are also demoing another racing game called Days of Thunder 2, a more traditional racing game where you try to beat your opponents to unlock their cars. Steering is accelerometer-based, but they added an interesting twist. All of the AIs you play against are better racers than you are. The only way to beat them is by tailing behind them to reduce your drag and catapult yourself ahead of the competition.

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