At Macworld: Announcing iPhone Alley Editors’ Choice Award Winners for Macworld 2009

This year at Macworld, iPhone Alley presented several companies with Editor’s Choice Awards. The awards went to products which stood out among the others at Macworld. Not all of the products are new at the show, but they were all present. All of these products caught our eye because they’re innovative, incredibly useful, or just incredibly great. Congratulations to all of our winners!

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Iconfactory – Frenzic $4.99 [iTunes link]

Frenzic is a fast paced puzzle game that’s extremely addictive and very beautiful. The guys at the Iconfactory did a fantastic job bringing this amazing game to the iPhone. Give it a try; you’ll be instantly addicted!

Cultured Code – Things for iPhone $9.99 [iTunes link]

Things surprised us. Although I’m an OmniFocus user, I approached the Cultured Code booth and asked for a demo. What I saw was a beautifully designed app with and incredibly intuitive UI. Whether you’re looking for an easy To-Do list, or a GTD application, Things is a fantastic application.

Griffin – Navigate $59.99

The Navigate is an in-line remote with tons of extra features. It plugs in via the dock connector and provides a screen to navigate through songs and even an FM tuner if you’re bored with your iPhone’s current selection.

The Omni Group – OmniFocus for iPhone $9.99 [iTunes link]

Anyone who knows me well knows that I’m all about the OmniFocus. It’s the GTD app to have on your iPhone. It’s chock full of features and it even syncs over the air back to my Mac’s OmniFocus database. I can’t imagine what I’d do without this app. You can check out my gushing review for the full lowdown on this app.

BeeJive – Beejive IM $15.99 [iTunes link]
When it was released, Beejive stood out in the app store as the best IM app available. With the 2.0 release which includes the ability to send and receive files over IM, Beejive IM totally deserves this award.

Sling Media – Sling Player for iPhone (Price TBA)
Many people have been waiting on a sling player for the iPhone, and it’s finally here. Sling Player for iPhone lets you watch live TV streamed from your TV wherever you go. The app even lets you set up recordings if you know you’ll miss a certain program.

CodeFlare – TileStack

TileStack is a service we almost missed. Announced at Macworld, TileStack lets anyone create iPhone games and applications with no programming knowledge needed. Most of everything is drag and drop, and the rest is incredibly simple. When you’re done, your apps can be published on the App Store with a small cut going towards supporting CodeFlare.

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