AppViz 1.5.2 Adds Cool New UI, Host Of Features

The people at Ideaswarm have updated AppViz, their tool for helping iPhone app developers keep track of their sales in iTunes, to version 1.5.2. Since the initial release back in December of last year, they have taken the suggestions and customer feedback and created a whole new UI and a pile of new features, adding even more ways for developers to keep track of their apps.

New Stuff:

  • product dashboard for an overview of sales and trends
  • currency conversion between 44 currencies
  • graphs view allows more in depth analysis with per country and custom date range filtering
  • ability to download and view the top reviews from 64 App stores around the world
  • imports and displays daily, weekly, monthly, and monthly free reports
  • now displays product icons
  • show star ratings from users
  • revenue graphs
  • improved handling of downloads

System Requirements:

  • Mac OS X 10.5.5

You can check out screenshots, more info, download a free trial version, or purchase the app for $29.99 at their website, 1.5.2 is a free update to those who have previous versions.

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