AppStori – Kickstarter Alternative for Mobile Apps

Kickstarter has seen success in the span of its existence. Products with potential have been given the chance to see the light of day through its wonderful crowdfunding solution. Though it’s not directly related to Kickstarter, AppStori is a new crowdfunding platform catered towards mobile applications.

AppStori allows people to become part of the story behind an application’s development; it allows developers to seek out potentially successful ideas and execute them with ease thanks to funds gained through the site.

The website enables people to easily browse through its collection of projects. If you’re interested, you can decide to become a backer of the project and help it make its way to existence on an app store – money received through a project will only exchange hands if the financial goal is met by a specific date.

According to co-founders Michael Semegran and Arie Abecassis:

“With the increased use of community funding and crowd-sourcing solutions, and the explosive growth of the mobile market over the last few years, we felt it fitting to offer innovative minds a dedicated resource to help bring their amazing ideas to life. There’s still much innovation to be unlocked in mobile technology, and we wanted to create a robust, market-driven platform to improve app discovery and development.”

Check out the site at – let us know if you deem anything interesting enough to back it.