Apps Gone Free for Friday, the 10th

Fridays are the days, for regular people, where you want to sit back relax and watch a movie or read a book without work poking at you the whole time. But if you’re an iOS addict like me, you like to spend your spare time exploring the app store for some quality games. Today is a great day in terms of free apps:


Almost immediately after my review of the app, the developers decided to make it free. Yup. With this match-3 game you don’t get your boring old match chains of something to win. No, you get a whole package of action packed, fun filled game that involves strategy and a good taste for arcade-styled games. The original price is $1.99, but for a limited time it has gone free. It doesn’t need to much thinking to buy an amazing game, correct? So stop whatever you’re doing at this second and go get it.

Zombie Flick:

ZOMG!! Zombie games are really starting to get on my nerves, because every game has to have them, right? But the anger has been cooling down a bit over the past few hours because of Zombie Flick. This game, developed by the people who made Deadball Specialist, (soccer flicking game) involves flicking things at a whole lot of zombies. The game is available for free for only a short time period only, so please go pick it up if you want an action packed thrill!

iBomber 2:

I really love top-down games for my iDevice, and if you haven’t until this point now you can. The sequel to the heavily enjoyed bombing game has recently gone free for short time. So, if you fancy a game that contains planes, bombs, and destruction check out iBomber 2 by Cobra Mobile.