AppMakr Lets You Easily Create Your Own iPhone App From RSS Feeds

These days it’s becoming increasingly common for musicians and bloggers to have their own iPhone apps to promote their brands and content using the App Store. And why not? “Apps” seem to be the hottest thing these days, in spite of the amount of skill it takes to actually sit down and create them. Thankfully for those of us who couldn’t code our way out of a paper bag, a new solution has just popped up called AppMakr.

AppMakr is an online system that creates a native iPhone app out of your site’s RSS feeds. It supports multiple RSS feeds and artwork and other elements can be customized to your liking. You can also embed ads from places like AdMob if you’d like to try making money with your app.

If you’re interested in using AppMakr’s service, pricing starts at $199 for the basic service which means all the publishing is handled by them. If you’d like more control over your app, the $499 “You’re In Control” package allows you to create your app through AppMakr, download and test on your own iPhone, and even send out ad-hoc builds.

[via Mashable]

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