Apple’s Stock Tanks – Because of Jobs?

350.56 -7.74 (-2.16%). That’s what Apple’s stock page reads over at Google Finance (the close of the market yesterday). If you take a look at Apple’s 1 day or even 5 day stock progression, you’ll see that’s it’s dropped considerably. The significance? This is the period when much speculation has risen about CEO Steve Job’s possible cancer. Any connection? I certainly think so.

The whole media world, along with us, started talking about Steve Jobs probable cancer midway through the 17th after seeing pictures of him looking extremely thin. This unfortunate happening, if true, not only has sparked much publicity, but also evidently has got investors in a daze because of the rumors of Jobs being in the hospital receiving treatment for some form of cancer.

Apple’s stick, AAPL, was at a peak on the 16th attaining a $364 value per share, but starting on the 17th it started its descent. By the time the market closed yesterday, has tanked down to a $350 value per share. With iPhones and other Apple devices still selling well, this sudden price decrease could only be because of Jobs.

We wish him a healthy recovery because not only does the company need him – so does the iDevice community.

[via Google Finance]