Apple’s New $929 iPad: 128GB of Storage on Offer

For those on the brink of filling up their iPad with too many episodes of CSI and 1GB games such as N.O.V.A comes relief from Apple: a new iPad with eight times the default storage capacity that comes in the base 16GB model. It is the new iPad for professionals and overzealous content-consumers, but although its release is a bigger deal than it seems you probably don’t need it.

If avoiding cloud storage is a top priority and the additional storage space is crucial, keep in mind that the 128GB iPad is not more substantial than being an off-schedule addition to the fourth-generation iPad lineup. Thus although the 128GB model is a new release, it retains the same hardware and brings no other new features or upgrades to the table.

The outlier release of a 128GB iPad in between generations indicates that Apple is not planning on releasing a new iPad anytime soon, pointing us back to a fall release for the next major upgrade.

Beginning on Tuesday, the fourth-generation iPad with 128GB of flash storage will be available from typical outlets for the sum of $799 for the Wi-Fi exclusive model and a highest-ever price of $929 for the grace of adding cellular service compatibility.

There are not many justifiable reasons to purchase a 128GB iPad at this point, especially considering the lack of upgrades accompanying the capacity bump. Only professionals need apply at this point. If you need more CSI episodes and shooter games on your iPad, the money would be better-spent on a criminal justice degree in our humble opinion.

[via Apple]