Apple’s Life After the Legacy of Steve Jobs

Let’s face it: if all of Apple’s success and innovation could be attributed to one man, it would be Steve Jobs. Though of course, Apple is a huge corporation of 50,000 employees so above all everybody shares a piece of the credit. With Steve Jobs resigning from the company, one has to wonder how Apple will move on without its key player. He will remain within the company as chairman thus he still has a say and a watchful eye on operations, which is likely part of an extensive plan. He may just have left at the perfect time.

With its huge array of popular products and piles of billions of dollars, Apple is in a better position than they have ever been in. In fact, they are doing better than practically any other company. Steve waited for Apple to revolutionize a plethora of markets before stepping down, rather than just a few corners of the technology world. After all, the iPhone and iPad are still very recent inventions yet they are household names and items. He also made sure that they every product developed during his reign as CEO is reaching their potential, as is the case with Mac OS X compared to previous versions of the Macintosh operating system. All of the groundwork is in place for Apple to continue on better and further-extending than ever.

Rather than holding onto the CEO position until his eventual passing-away, Steve chose to pass the torch on to the successor he had selected, Tim Cook, at a time that he can still monitor that successor’s work and Apple’s progress then make changes or provide advice as seen fit. If the success of a company can be attributed to one man, that one man will not allow his life’s work to fail. I am sure that Tim Cook was very carefully chosen and diligently mentored.

Even though he is not CEO anymore, for the foreseeable future Steve Jobs will still be the face and name behind Apple. It can not be said that he has presented his final keynote. Nor that he has provided his last vision for a product. More importantly, his DNA will be in every Apple product planned for the coming years as well as bigger projects in-development for future decades.

Truth be told, the 50,000 employees that have contributed to current products will move on fine as long as proper direction is provided. If so many people have already worked towards game-changing products, they can continue on as they had before. Jobs’ visions will be a significant loss, but he has hand-chosen additional visionaries.

Now seems to be the right time for Steve Jobs to step down as CEO, with Apple as a leading electronics company and him being able to watch how the company operates so that changes can be made if necessary to ensure a strong future. He will be missed, he has left a significant legacy and is doing everything in his power to make sure it will only be improved upon.