Apple’s “iWatch” to Be Released This Year, Source Says

The rumored Apple smartchwatch is gaining legs, as both The Verge and Bloomberg both reported on its current development status and its targeted release date for later this year.

Bloomberg reported on Monday that Apple is building a team made up of “about 100 product designers” who are working on an iOS-supported wristwatch that can perform most of the same tasks as the iPhone and iPad. In fact, Apple design chief Jony Ive reportedly ordered a box of Nike sports watches a few years ago to help draw inspiration from the device. 

The Apple smartchwatch, which has been coined by some as the iWatch, will presumably have the capability to make phone calls, support caller ID and check map routes. The tech giant also claimed that it was in the works of including a pedometer for counting steps, as well as a number of different health-related data, something made popular by Fitbit.

Apple has hit a bit of a snag in the production phase of the new iWatch. Currently, the iOS-supported smartwatch can only run a few days at most — something that might be tiresome to users who are used to traditional watches lasting for years. Though, Apple hopes to extend the battery life to at least four to five days per charge in the next couple of months before its release.

Moreover, the bendable Willow Glass technology will not be featured in the new smartwatch device. According to an earlier report, the new technology that can bend around body parts won’t be “market ready” until 2016.

That hasn’t phased Apple. The tech giant has produced almost 80 patent applications to help solidify their iWatch idea. Reports also hinted that the product will be out later this year.

It seems Apple is all in on their new wearable technology. If it works, it will be the first big step for the Cupertino-based company towards moving out of the enormous shadow that Steve Jobs left behind. If it doesn’t, they’ll be hearing about it at their next stockholders meeting.


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