Apple’s Hobby Device About to Get Serious

Unexpected rumors popped up today regarding Apple’s long lost product, the Apple TV. Some of you might be screaming at us right now, “Why are you telling me about the Apple TV? This is supposed to be a site about iPhones!” But the rumor involves the OS… namely that the Apple TV might be getting the iPhone OS, complete with the ability to run apps.

Some of the other details are questionable, like it will only offer 16GB of storage, deliver full 1080p, and only cost $99. We have our doubts on any product coming from Cupertino with a $99 price tag. (The current Apple TV runs $229, and the cheapest iPod — not counting the shuffle — is $149.)

Many pundits were falling all over themselves discussing the Google TV last week, gleefully announcing it as the final nail in Apple TV’s coffin. But if Apple does deliver a device that works on your HDTV and runs apps like the iPhone or iPad, it will give more than just Google something to think about.

There’s no official word from Apple (of course), so for now we are putting this one on the list of rumored announcements for June 7. If it’s even slightly accurate, I’ll take two!

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