Apple’s Greg Joswiak On App Store As A Free Market, App Approval, iPhone Gaming

Apple VP of iPhone and iPod product marketing Greg Joswiak recently sat down with Edge-Online to discuss things like the place of iPhone games in the App Store, and Apple’s free market approach to letting games succeed or fail, complaints with the app approval process from developers, the lifting of the NDA, and the iPhone and iPod Touch’s place in the mobile gaming industry.

In reference to Apple’s opinion on having a few really great games in the App Store among a vast majority of mediocre ones, he explains that Apple follows a free-market approach to the App Store. In short, their theory is that “The cream will rise.” Their hope is that by not promoting one app over another, it will create a level playing field in which a small developer with a great game could have as good a chance as a big developer.

On the subject of the mysterious App Store approval process, he says that the most important requirements for being approved are listed in the SDK contract. “We’re not letting in porn or misbehaving apps, or things that come down to poor taste. That’s what our customers expect from us. As far as the time it takes to get apps approved, as you can imagine, we get so many apps a day. The guys we have approving that are doing the best they can and moving as fast as they can.”

They also talk about how the iPhone and iPod Touch stack up as gaming devices against the competition. Greg says that while they wasn’t solely developed as a gaming devices from the beginning, they were aware throughout the process that the multitouch screen, accelerometer and other features would be ideal for that purpose.

Edge-Online goes into a lot of detail beyond that with Greg on this and several other key issues. If you have any interest in the iPhone and iPod touch as gaming devices or App Store, I highly suggest you take a look.

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