Apple’s Annual Event Tomorrow – What Will We See?

With last year far behind, and a new one soon to come, it’s time for Apple to hold their annual event that announced new products. So what will we see?


I am super hyped about this conference mainly because of the most likely new iPod touch that will be announced. After owning my 2G for almost two years now, you can imagine the anticipation running through my veins right now. So, what will we be looking for? Most likely based on past leaks and rumors, a camera will be ingrained into the back of the iPod offering video and photo capture abilities.

Also in the midst among the other rumors, there is word that a new “Apple TV” will be announced with integrated iTV. Sound good, can’t wait to see!

Based on some past records, it has been concluded that Apple will be releasing a new iPod Nano with a touch-screen and possibly an app store. How is this different from the iPod Touch? Will it differ in other ways?

Not too likely

Now the most absurd thing that I have heard while making me sweep through the vast internet is that among with the added camera on the iPod, 3G will be added letting you access the web on the go. However, this probably won’t happen because of Apple’s claim to keep the iPod touch as much as they can like a brother compared to the iPhone without adding too many alike features.

Other than that, the most unlikely rumor with the slightest chance of proving true, is that Apple will announce a new iPhone with a better antenna. This will mean that as soon as their free case program ends, by the end of September, you will be able to have a new phone. Is this fair, or not? What about for the people with the iPhone 4 right now? Will they be offered a discount, or even better a free upgrade? Comment below.

Even though some of these rumors are likely, we still won’t be sure what Apple will pull out from the hat tomorrow. Though I am not going to be purchasing a TV, iPhone or Nano, I will be buying the new iPod Touch.