Apple’s Already Banned Over 5,000 “Sexually Explicit” Apps From The App Store

When we heard that Apple was banning sexual content from the App Store, we knew that we’d see a significant dip in applications, but we didn’t think it’d be this significant. According to App Shopper, Apple removed nearly 4,000 apps the day after the policy change.

Prior to the policy change, Apple has generally removed around 100 per day. After the new policy went into effect, Apple removed 932 apps. The next day (Friday, Febuary 18th) they removed roughly 4,000. According to ChiliFresh, Apple says that around 5,000 apps were affected when the policy went into effect. The higher removal rates have continued over the weekend as Apple continues to purge apps.

You can argue that banning sexual content might be morally questionable to some, but it will undoubtedly decrease the clutter caused by useless “crapps” (crappy apps) and make finding the good stuff a little easier.

[via MacRumors]


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