Apple WWDC 2011 Keynote Happening on June 6, New iPhone Introduction?

Stuff is gonna go down at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2011. What kind of stuff? Big Mac/iOS stuff. The stuff that makes every Apple fanboy giddy.

Humorous intro out of the way, CEO Steve Jobs will kick off this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference by presenting the WWDC keynote on June 6 at 10:00am. While in previous years WWDC has brought the announcement of a new iPhone, rumors are suggesting that we will have to wait until the September keynote event to learn when we can replace our iPhone 4. This year, Apple is keeping less under wraps. We now officially know that Mac OS X Lion will be demonstrated again and iOS 5, which may potentially be the most significant update yet, will be shown off for the first time.

In addition, Apple, despite being one for secrecy, announced iCloud in advance, which is “Appleā€™s upcoming cloud services offering.” A few details regarding iCloud have supposedly already been unearthed. We’ll keep our fingers crossed that features such as cloud music storage that scans your iTunes collection and provides you with high-quality versions of songs in your library that are then accessible from the network is one of the highlights that comes to fruition.

Since Apple has given us an idea of what this year’s keynote will be about likely minus the next-generation iPhone introduction we’ve come to expect, there are probably a few surprises up Jobs’ sleeve to announce on Monday.

[via Apple]