Apple Updates Support Article; Jailbreaking Ill-Advised

For some inexplicable reason, some iPhone users seem to be intent on jailbreaking their expensive devices.  Common sense dictates that this isn’t a wise practice, as jailbreaking programs are often developed by, you know, hackers.

What is jailbreaking an iPhone? Simply put, it’s applying third-party software, often written by authors who hide under the cowardly cloak of anonymity, that enables numerous features that aren’t able to be added in a normal iOS environment.

Those who jailbreak their iPhones often don’t stop to think that perhaps there could be a reason for Apple not supporting certain features, and in support of that theory comes an updated support article which makes that common sense kernel of knowledge abundantly clear.

The support article on the “Unauthorized modification of iOS” was updated two days ago, and makes it very clear that jailbreaking iPhones is not a good idea.

The article cites numerous problems that could be visited upon someone who jailbreaks their device, namely “instability, security vulnerabilities, shortened battery life, unreliable voice and data” and, of course “disruption of services,” among others.

Another possible outcome of jailbreaking a device, according to the article, is that the ability to apply software updates in the future may be hindered.

Some may feel tempted to think that jailbreaking an iPhone won’t adversely affect their warranty.

Not so!

“It is also important to note that unauthorized modification of iOS is a violation of iOS end-user license agreement and because of this, Apple may deny service for an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch that has installed any unauthorized software,” the support article clearly states.

Clearly, jailbreaking an iPhone is not the best idea, so users who do that may enjoy their precious underground features, but when something goes awry with their device, they’ve no one to blame but themselves.

Image Credit: iPhoneinCanada.Ca