Apple Updates SDK Agreement, Opens Official Developer Forums, Seeds 2.2 Beta

As promised earlier this month, Apple has posted a new version of their iPhone developer agreement. One version is publicly available, while another is only available to registered devs. Most of the restrictions of “confidential information” now seems to be focused on Apple’s pre-release software.

You agree that any Apple pre-release software (including related documentation and materials) and any information disclosed by Apple to you in connection with Apple Events or Paid Content (defined below) will be considered and referred to as “Apple Confidential Information”.

The agreement now mentions “Apple Events” such as WWDC (which have always been under NDA) as well as “Paid Content”. The change is intended to allow for the publishing of app developing tutorials, books, and collaboration among developers which had previously been hindered by Apple’s original iPhone developer NDA.

In addition to simply allowing collaboration between developers, Apple has also opened an official developer forums at

New reports also claim that Apple has begun seeding iPhone 2.2 Beta 2 to developers who accept the revised SDK agreement. The report goes on to say that developers must accept the new terms by November 6th, 9p.m. PST or their access will be denied. We have yet to confirm the information.

[via MacRumors]

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