Apple Updates Contacts, iDisk, Find My Phone In MobileMe

Apple has made a few minor updates to their MobileMe online information syncing / management / storage service. One of the more significant changes is that Find My Phone is now accessible from the main search bar, making it easier and faster to get to in MobileMe’s online interface.

Other changes include:

  • Contacts updated to fix issue during exporting multiple contacts at once
  • New Public folder page located at now matches the look of and supports drag and drop of files between folders (when enabled for visitors)
  • Allowing visitors to upload, move, and delete files on your Public folder can now be set from
  • An iDisk Public folder password can now be set from
  • When logging in to a password-protected Public folder with a web browser, entering the generic username “public” is no longer required
  • Adds ability to connect to another member’s Public folder while viewing your own iDisk at

The information is available via an Apple Support article.

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