Apple To Reduce Kindle’s Market Share from 90% to 35%

Apple is billing the iPad as their answer to the netbook in many ways, but Amazon’s Kindle is sure to take a big hit from the upcoming Apple tablet. Currently, the Kindle has control of around 90% of ebook sales in the world right now, but that may drop all the way to 35% five years of the iPad being on the market.

Part of the problem, as Credit Suisse analyst Spencer Wang sees it, Amazon will be fighting an uphill battle. For one, they’ll be facing a mandatory price hike, which he expects users to retaliate against. The new pricing will be the same as what we expect to see in the iBookstore, leveling the playing field in Apple’s favor.

He also notes rumors that Google may be planning to follow suit, releasing an eBook reader of their own running their web-based Chrome OS, though it seems to be in early development.

[via WSJ]


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