Apple to Offer Low-Priced iPhone Alongside Next-Generation Device in August?

You all probably don’t believe any of these circulating rumors anymore, and I don’t blame you. After all, there are a whole plethora of them floating around, of which one or none materialize. But Boy Genius Reports urges you to believe this one from “an incredibly solid source” stating that Apple will offer a low-priced iPhone alongside the next-generation 4S/5 come this August.

The interesting part about this new rumor, which was written about today, is that the low-priced device could in fact be the 3GS selling for $350. So why would a current owner of the iPhone 4 decide to downgrade? Come August, Apple would announce the new addition in their lineup (the iPhone 5 or 4S) along with the new option to purchase the 3GS without a contract.

What could this mean for Apple and for potential buyers? For Apple, anyways, they have opened up their own smartphone market to offers buyers a choice of three different iPhones. Yes folks, three different iPhones. Given that Apple will be offering the 3GS, they will probably also still keep the iPhone 4 in production. That means that there will be low, middle and high price-point options available for customers. The iPhone 4 and next-generation would of course be sold with contracts as well.

Seems Apple is determined to stay in the lead in the race of smartphone-producing companies. What do you think? Would you upgrade to the next-generation device or instead downgrade for the perk of not having an additional contract?

[Via BGR (Picture and Information]