Apple To Move iTunes To The Web Browser With Lala Service?

With Apple’s acquisition of Lala, some now believe Apple is preparing to take the iTunes store to the web browser. Now the Wall Street Journal says that’s exactly what they’re planning to do, according to “people familiar with the matter.” The shift to storing music on the cloud would theoretically make downloading the iTunes software unnecessary.

Of course, you wouldn’t be downloading music, either. Instead, it would all live on the cloud, able to be accessed by you on the web from anywhere with access to the internet. Before the acquisition, Lala was charging their users just $0.10 to let their users stream a track an infinite number of times, making it a significantly cheaper alternative to iTunes. Undercutting their music store is one big reason why Apple would want to buy Lala, though it is interesting to note that Lala asked Apple to acquire them, not the other way around.

[via WSJ]

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