Apple To Allow Free App Re-Downloads On iPhone After All?

Last week we reported that Apple began charging for wireless re-downloads to iPhones running iPhone 3.0 beta 5. Currently users can re-download applications using their iPhone at no charge. The change would require users to sync purchased apps using iTunes, an inconvenience to many users.

Since then we’ve received reports that Apple has switched back to free re-downloads for iPhone users in beta 5. We’ve been able to verify that the reports are true.

When the story broke last week, we tried re-downloading OmniFocus and received a “You’ve already purchased this” message, prompting us to sync from iTunes or buy again. Tonight we tried again (with OmniFocus and several others) and received the older “To download it again for free, select OK” message.

We’d like to hear back from others running 3.0b5 in the comments! What message do you get?

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