Apple Tablet Causing Shortage Of 10″ OLED Screens?

According to word from an anonymous designer, Apple has caused a shortage of OLED screen components, possibly for their upcoming rumored-and-probably-intentionally-leaked tablet device.  The components, which have beeen increasing in popularity due to their great color, high pixel density, low power consumption (meaning better battery life) and thinner profile due to no need for a backlight. 

“We were told that Apple pre-ordered them all. All 10 inch LCDs, and all 10 inch OLEDs too,” an anonymous designer commented during CES.

Another rumor from last year said that the tablet had been delayed because Apple was waiting for OLED components for the device. It seems plausable then that Apple could be behind an OLED shortage. They have been known to cause shortages in the past in flash memory components for their iPods and iPhones. Since Apple produces a small number of different products in massive quantities, they pretty much have complete control over the markets for those components.

One interesting note here though is that the source says there is also a shortage of LCD screen components of the same size, hinting that Apple may offer an LCD model alongside the OLED model, maybe as a low end option.

[via TG Daily]

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