Apple suing over trademark infringement, AGAIN!

Leave it to Apple to sue for anything they deem even slightly as trademark infringement.  Now Apple is targeting a Chinese based food company Sichuan Fanggua Food Co., Ltd.  

If you ask me the logo looks more like LG’s logo than Apple’s but Apple is claiming their logo uses conceptual elements of Apple’s logo.  Really a cutout at the bottom and a leaf facing right at the top is stealing your conceptual elements Apple?  First time I looked at it, the last thing that popped into my head is Apple.  It may kind of look like an apple but I don’t think of the company Apple.

In an article from go chengdoo, Apple told the company of the infringement on July 19, two days before the closing on their new logo.  The biggest issue with all of this is that  Fangguo  filed to extend their trademark into new product categories, which includes “notebook computers” and “electronic-game software.”  Now to me that’s a little fishy when your company makes noodles and flour.

But still, Apple sometimes needs to get off of their high horse and stop suing companies when something looks even the slightest bit like one of their trademarks.  I love you Apple, but come on now!