Apple Sued Over In-App Game Purchases

An angry parent is suing Apple over free iOS games that allow in-app purchases. Garen Meguerian of Phoenixville, Penn says the games allow children to buy Game Currency without a parent’s knowledge. According to the suit Meguerian allowed his youngest daughter to download a number of free games from the App Store, but alleges he had no idea that she could use his credit card to purchase virtual currency while playing them. The 9-year-old managed to spend $200 on “Zombie Cafe,” “Treasure Story” and “City Story” before her father noticed.

Apple now requires a password for all in-app purchases, but Meguerian argues that since the passwords required for any Apple purchase are the same for Game Currency purchases, “minors aware of such password may purchase Game Currency without authorization from their parents for that purchase.”

Previously users had a 15-minute window to make additional purchases after initially using their passwords.

The solution seems simple, don’t give your kids access to any of your passwords and they won’t be able to use your credit card.