Apple Stores Set to Open Early for the Launch of the iPhone 4S

The iPhone 4S was available for preorder starting on October 7th, but the preorder stock recently ran out leaving October 14th, the official launch date for the phone, the only opportunity for potential early adopters to get their hands on the new phone. Due to large demand, Apple Stores will be opening earlier than usual on the 14th.

According to Apple, you can head to the Apple Store accordingly for its opening at 8 AM, local times, which is earlier than usual. If you didn’t get a chance to preorder the iPhone 4S this past Friday, this is a good opportunity to get your hands on the handset.

Regardless of the fact that not much was added when compared to its predecessor, the iPhone 4S sold like hotcakes and is in huge demand. For my story on the hassle of preordering, you can check out this post only, of course, if you’re at all interested. Due to a huge number of people eager to get their hands on the phone, we would expect many people are going to lineup come next Friday when the iPhone 4S will launch; thus, we’d advise you to head to your local Apple Store a few hours in advance in anticipation of the rush.

You can check the location of your closest Apple Store as well as check your eligibility to upgrade to the 4S via this page. These tools, as well as the following items, should help you get ready for next Friday if you’re planning to go stand in line:

-Bring something to keep you occupied. Of course, we’d advise some sort of iOS device.
-Bring your old mobile phone that’s being replaced
-You’ll need the last four digits of your AT&T, Verizon or Sprint account holder’s Social Security number
-You’ll need your carrier account password
-You’ll need to know your Apple ID and password
-If you currently have an iPhone, it’s recommended that you update its OS to iOS 5 to make the process easier (don’t ask us why)
-Since lines will be long, and you’ll have to go several hours ahead of 8 AM, you may want to bring something to sit on.

If you’ve got all of the above, you should be set to get your iPhone 4S(s). Just anticipate long lines; don’t expect to get near your local Apple Store if you show up at 8 AM on the dot. Just saying…