Apple Store Robbery Footage Proves the Ignorance of Thieves

iPhone Alley will be taking a break from its usual coverage of iPhone-related events to present some tips that would apply to the criminals who devised and executed the recent robbery of a Temecula, California Apple Store.

Surveillance footage from the Temecula Apple Store shows a blue BMW X5 SUV shattering through the store’s iconic glass doors and ramming into the display tables littering the ground with an assortment of Apple’s mobile devices. At this point, a burglar hops out of the SUV and begins to rapidly collect as many of these iPhones, iPads and iPod, which the group had previously knocked off the tables. It’s worth mentioning that the much pricier MacBooks located at the rear of the store were completely ignored.

Meanwhile, the driver attempts to back out of the store without much success. According to the Huffington Post, one of the security gates had fallen down blocking his path.

Eventually, he manages to get past the obstacle, albeit with much damage to the vehicle – this damage undoubtedly exceeds the value of a bunch of stolen iOS devices, especially considering Apple announced that the retail prices for these iPhones would be cut by $100 to make room for the iPhone 5.

Check out the footage for yourself:

The whole affair left the vehicle with two flattened tires as well as a missing license plate, which was seemingly ripped off and was later discovered in the rubble.

Due to the flat tires, a second robbery took place. This time, however, the thieves broke into a local convenience store for a can of Fix-a-Flat. The liquid didn’t have the ability to rectify the tears in the tires, which left the group of thieves only one solution; they abandoned the BMW not far from both of the crime scenes.

The story doesn’t stop there. One of the alleged thieves was later discovered by police walking around the mall in which the Apple Store was located. 22-year old Equonne Howard, who turned out to be the registered owner of the BMW, was spotted by officials. Although he denied any involvement with the robbery, the keys to the vehicle were found in his pockets. Howard is currently being held on a $600,000 bond at the Southwest Detention Center after pleading not guilty to multiple felony charges.