Apple Signs New iPhone & iPad Component Partners, Sampling USB 3.0?

Today’s blogosphere has seen more little birdies sing than a bird watching society, with insider sources leaking top-secret info left and right about the goings-on behind Apple’s shroud of secrecy. One source has Apple signing a new contract with another manufacturer to make iPhone components overseas, while another source says Apple is finally taking a serious look at USB 3.0 technology and has already begun testing the tech, a claim that was soon denied by one of the parties allegedly involved.

DigiTimes says that Apple has tapped Taiwanese manufacturer Pegatron Technology to make the components for their devices, alongside Foxconn Electronics in China. Another report claims that Radiant Opto-Electronics will be shipping a total of 300,000 LED backlight units for the iPad during the month of January.

Elsewhere, the emerging USB 3.0 standard is taking it’s first step into the mainstream, with LaCie announcing a dual-disk RAID storage solution powered by Symwaves USB 3.0 standard-complient dual SATA and RAID bridge controller. The new peripheral promises to offer the highest throughput ever achieved over USB 3.0. Other industry sources say that Genesys Logic has started sampling out their device controllers to a client who some believe is Apple. Not long after, Genesys denied the claim.

[via 9to5Mac]


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