Apple Shows Some Generosity for Holidays, Free Shipping Online

The Cupertino-based company that we all love, is offering free shipping on everything on their online store in light of the holidays as well as, indirectly, their wonderful sales numbers this past Black Friday.

In the past, Apple has simply offered free shipping. Now however, they’re bringing the deal to every single thing that you can find on your online Apple Store. So this means you can get that new iPad 2 you’ve been waiting for as well as that case to accompany it and have them shipped to you for absolutely free.

The obvious cause for this promotion would naturally be because of the approaching holiday season, but we’re speculating that it may also be due to the fact that Apple boasted awesome sales online, taking the number five spot on comScore’s ‘Top Online Retailers’ for this year’s Black Friday. Apple was preceded by Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy and Target, the last of which, Apple was hot on the heels of in terms of overall figures.

So, enjoy this sale while you can. It only lasts till the 22nd of December (may be even less depending on where you reside) and only applies to orders made online. Maybe you should start thinking about that iOS device you’ve been thinking about getting yourself or a loved one…just my two cents.

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